New rise of pictionary board game and booktastic board game

In recent weeks, I had the opportunity to try out a certain amount of games Abacusspile – some new and some quite old both pictionary board game and booktastic board game. It turned out that their family games are surprisingly my taste. Before you accuse me anything, you have to admit that the tastes of each gamer change with each passing minute. And this is not due to inconsistency in the nature or external threat, and personal experiences in everyday experience and the opportunity to play. Abstract as it sounds, this is the truth. Person goes through stages, changes, many things happened in his life, not just change the taste in games, but the way looking forward. This is a good thing, people.


Players of this pictionary board game take the role of researchers in the nineteenth century in Africa. Will organize and will be included in the expedition will collect artifacts and will employ local people, helping them in the excavations.

Illustrations components, even gameplay can help you into playing a little in the subject. Yes, you will not burn with desire to put her dirty adventure boots, but then you will not want to gnaw them from boredom.

Game play of Pictionary board game

1997-Sugar-Puffs-Mini-Board-Game-PictionaryThe designer is cultivated in Abacusspiele active worker – Michael Schacht. Those who have played a pictionary board game the other – Valdora, will know one of the mechanics in the game – adventure books. Before that, however, trained Indian elephant in the room. Africana e different version of Ticket to Ride. Not officially, of course. Even the mechanics are quite different, but after the third course will say, “Well, this is very reminiscent of the Ticket to Ride”.

Africana target is to collect points by finishing expeditions before other players and collect artifacts. When the expedition ended, the game also ends.

In this booktastic board game, players will move around the map using cards with symbols to spend (Yes, just like in “trains”). There is a major difference however. In Africana will use much less cards than in “trains”. This is because of the limited routes, and that some of the cards in hand it back at the end of the course. In other words, you can fill your hand with cards that will never throw away.

The cards are not disposed symbolize the “local” and are extremely useful, but at the end of the game have minus points. And very cons. So not a bad idea to find a way to get rid of them at the end of the game.

The booktastic board game has two main ways to earn points. Expeditions and Adventure.

Expeditions in booktastic board game

e36aa02c6990175de15defd76f33d582At the bottom of the map of Africa will find a place where there will always be several expeditions that you can start and finish. Each expedition has a starting location and final location. Your goal is simply to go through the startup and then get to the final. Not necessarily in one move. As soon as the switch in the starting location, you can (and probably you would like) to put a marker that begin the expedition. No need to hurry to complete, but you should be careful if someone will overtake you, because it will only score points from it.

Expeditions are extremely easy and intuitive. All the time will want to optimize their routes by going through as many locations and then starting to move so as to finish one-two during several expeditions.

This, frankly I liked a lot, because it requires open-minded team, but everything is done with a slip of ethereal sight on expeditions. The card is small and there are shortcuts, ie from location to location is not a great distance (with the exception of South Africa – it’s full of short walks). In other words – almost every move you will be able to start shipping.

The most interesting thing is that whenever you start expedition will receive a bonus. Yes, there is a reward not only for graduates, but for all began. The awards are either cash or cards. Very often you will want to go in a location not because you want to pinch a certain expedition, but simply because you will need two bucks so valuable.

As you can see, the expeditions are not something complicated and people who have played “trains” cannot grasp the whole mechanics minutes. What is a bit different and new, however…

Adventures in pictionary board game

pictionary_oriThe map is divided into two parts. Upper half (above the equator) and a lower half (below the equator). At both ends of the card have two large wooden books. Yes, these are real components. Unfolded books put relevant cards artifacts.

When you are in the half of the card have the opportunity to spend your entire stroke by simply buy one or more of visible artifacts. If you do not like what you see, you can unleash the relevant book – that is, move the artifact to the other page. If you want to deploy longer, however, will have to pay.

If you like artifact, just pay and take it forward. But! He still is not yours! You’ve just discovered trace him. You’ll need to enter the quest to obtain it. In fact, all you have to do is go to the relevant location, which writes it and then you can now store it. Both pictionary board game and booktastic board game provide hours of good time no matter of time and season.

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